Laser Treatments

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Laser Hair Removal

Package Pricing:

Package of 3- Buy 2 get 1 ½ off

Package of 6- Buy 5 get 1 free

Package of 8- Buy 6 get 2 free

Full Body Pricing:

Full Body $775

Package of 8 Treatments $5,500

Single Sessions:

Underarm $50

Bikini $100

Brazilian $225

Face Area small $50

Half Face $100

Full Face $150

Half Leg $150

Whole Leg $250

Half Arm $100

Full Arm $150

Whole Back $200

Chest $100

Abs $150

Men and Women both deal with unwanted hair on their bodies. Whether its hair on the chest, face, back, legs, arms, or bikini line, we spend our days waxing, tweezing, and shaving these areas only for a small period of smooth, hairless skin. With technological advances, you can now achieve permanent hair-free results and save time, money and energy over your lifetime.
The Alma Harmony XL Pro takes hair removal to the next level. It can be used virtually anywhere on the body and on patients of all skin tones (Fitz 1-6). This laser safely and gently heats the targeted area, and pulses of energy gradually heat the hair follicles deep into the skin's sub dermal later to eliminate hair regrowth while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. The cooling mechanism further ensures the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable throughout your treatment, making it painless. This device also has the technology to stay in motion instead of your traditional lasers which use a stamping method. Yet another way that keeps this treatment the most comfortable available on the market.

Tattoo Removal

By Size:

Extra small (1/2 business card) $350

Small (business card) $600

Medium (3x5) $1,000

Large (1/2 sheet of paper) $1,500

One of the great additions our Alma Harmony XL Pro Laser device offers is the tattoo removal ability of the the Clear Lift hand piece. It is the most effective method of removing natural or artificial pigmentation while minimizing the risk of damage to the surrounding tissue. 
The mechanical Q-Switched effect works by vibrating and breaking down the ink particles in the tattoo. As the area heals, the body's immune system flushes away the shattered ink particles, causing the tattoo to fade with minimal risk of scarring or hypo-pigmentation.
Multiple sessions will be needed for full removal.

PhotoFacial (IPL)

Face $350

Face & Neck $450

Chest $300

Arms $400

Hands $200

Say goodbye to the effects of sun damage, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and more with the innovative Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or PhotoFacial treatment. Photo-rejuventation is the latest in modern esthetic treatments, allowing patients to transform red, blotchy skin into a radiant complexion.
If you suffer from any of these skin issues, then the Alma Lasers IPL may be the PERFECT treatment for you.
It's cold to the touch handpiece makes the treatment extremely comfortable, and refreshing, with almost ZERO down time. 

ClearLift Non ablative Resurfacing         

Full Face $500
Neck $300
Face & Neck $700

ClearLift is a non-ablative approach to laser skin resurfacing. ClearLift give us the ability to offer patients skin resurfacing treatments that are fast and virtually painless with visible results NO DOWNTIME!
The innovative technology delivers a controlled dermal wound deep beneath the skin )up to 3mm in depth). The outer layer of the skin is left undamaged. All stages of healing and skin repair occur under the intact epidermis. 

iPixel Ablative Skin

Full Face $1,500

A highly effective Fractional Ablative Laser skin resurfacing treatment. iPixel significantly improves overall skin tone, elasticity and texture, increases moisture content, and reduces superficial pigmentation and pore size. The 7 pixel configuration allows for deeper penetration and higher powered ablation, yielding enhanced results.
A series of 2-4 treatments will gradually stimulate new cells to replace aged and photo-damaged skin, with very little down time (3-5 days). 
It Treats *Skin Resurfacing *Acne Scarring *Photo damage *Rhytids (upper lip lines) * Moderate lines & wrinkles.

Opal Boost
Professional Teeth

Single Session $150
Double Boost $250


Opal Boost is an in-Office procedure that is administered by a certified technician. Using the Opal Boost LED blue light laser to accelerate the whitening process,  in combination with our proprietary blend of whitening gel, this system gives the BEST in-office whitening results you can achieve.

For more information on this revolutionary device and its treatments, please follow the link below.